Feb 252009

To the Editor:

I just wanted to comment on the column about EWTN by Keith Soko (1/29/09, The Catholic Messenger). I see there has been a strong negative response to his thinking.  Surely, some of the respondents did not read the article carefully!

Our church has made progress, most of which is not reflected on EWTN. I’d like to see much more progress being made. We need to have women in the priesthood! We need to allow a married priesthood. We need lay involvement and that is lacking in some parishes/dioceses.

On New Year’s Day I attended a Latin Mass and am so grateful for Mass in the vernacular. I had a difficult time keeping track even with the Missal and the fact that the priest was mumbling to himself in Latin while his back was turned to the congregation was a total turn-off. I felt isolated and more like I was watching a religious opera than fully attending Mass. Don’t bring back that old time religion for me!

Jo Doofe,

St. Anthony Parish, Davenport


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