People benefit from EWTN

To the Editor:

I love EWTN!

For years I tried to get it included in our basic cable without any results. I would watch it on my daughter’s cable in Mount Vernon while visiting her and wished we had it. I longed for it.

Now, we do have it — mainly thanks to Father Philip Ryan, St. Patrick’s Parish, Brooklyn. He is a retired priest, in residence, and helps Father Brian Shepley, St. Bridget’s, Victor, as needed.

Fr. Ryan started the ball rolling. I am very grateful to all who had a hand in bringing this to fruition.

The nursing home at Brooklyn has many residents that will really benefit from EWTN. We have a lot of people who are sick, homebound, etc., too, that will benefit from this.

I do refer to it as “The Catholic Channel” as it is! There are numerous programs on EWTN and there is something for everyone. Check it out! I love the rosary by Mother Angelica. What a nice way to end the day! I thought it was ironic that at the same time we were trying to add EWTN to our cable that an article in The Catholic Messenger states it as being “outdated.” I had to laugh.

I graduated from St. John’s Catholic School in Victor. Perhaps I am a bit nostalgic but I certainly do not consider EWTN as out of touch or outdated. There is something there for everyone.

I am happy to have it available and will watch/listen to it every day.Thanks again to all who brought EWTN to our homes!

Jan Bringmann

St. Bridget Parish, Victor

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