Mar 052009

I’m responding to Professor Keith Soko’s opinion piece on EWTN. I’m sure he will not be surprised that EWTN supporters would take issue with his characterization of EWTN as “offering an outdated view of the church.”

If being loyal supporters of church teachings and the magisterium means you’re “outdated,” then consider me “outdated,” too.

The diocese of Rockford, Ill., held an EWTN-sponsored family conference last October in DeKalb, Ill. The bishop of Rockford said Mass there. His presence sent a signal to his diocese that he doesn’t consider EWTN “outdated.”

Let’s judge EWTN by its fruits. The fruits of EWTN are a vibrant and exuberant following of people eager to grow in their faith, increased converts to the church, and increased vocations. Those fruits don’t sound “outdated.”

Diane Van Duzen



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