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Mar 052009

Well, maybe I stand alone in avoiding EWTN, but it IS the “past.”  I still remember the pre-Vatican II church, and it was all structure:  buildings, hierarchy, rules, rules and rules. “Just follow all the rules,” similar to what the Jewish rulers said in Jesus’ time, with 600-plus rules to follow. Jesus did have something to say about that! (What to do when the ox fell into a pit on the Sabbath, etc.)

 I remember when people in the old, pre-Vatican II church were walking by (the church building) and wanted to “pay a visit” — but a woman would probably not have her Sunday hat on, so she’d check her purse for a handkerchief, and hope it was still unused to put on her head! 

Nah! There’s not much on EWTN that I care to hear about or to watch. I’m more interested in local service projects that actually do something to meaningfully help people as part of my religious acts. 

Marlene Mandeville


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