Apr 222009

By Frank Wessling

Is America becoming less Christian? Surveys and the news stories about them tell us that nonbelievers are the growth party in this country while fewer of us are in church for religious services. Are we really into a “post-Christian” era?

Like the lost medieval “Christendom” of Europe, the evidence seems to clearly say that America’s version of Christendom is past. As a culture we are more secular and more varied in our gods now than ever in our history. But, does this mean that we’ll follow the European example and shortly be a land of empty churches?

What do you think? What kind of challenge to you does this development represent? What kind of challenge to the church itself?

The Catholic Messenger has a thoughtful readership. It would be good to hear what some of those readers are feeling and thinking about these questions. If you can condense your mood or ideas into 150-200 words or less, share them with other readers. We all need to feel that we are not alone when the world feels unsteady underfoot.

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