Messenger’s ‘honesty’ praised

Months, maybe a year ago, I wrote in praise of your newspaper. I admire your breadth of vision, your broad choice of topics and your honesty.

My admiration continues and is shared by many Sisters who read the paper.

Several times I have been disturbed in reading letters to the editor by readers who falsely equate being anti-abortion with being pro-life. To be pro-life, a person must be against abortion, war, capital punishment, euthanasia and assisted suicide. Cardinal Joseph Bernardin called being pro-life a “seamless garment” that had to include the five areas I just mentioned.

As a graduate of Notre Dame University, who considers my time at the university as one of the great gifts of my life, I deeply appreciate the editorial, “The talk at Notre Dame” (The Catholic Messenger, April 30). I found it to be enlightening and fair in describing what a university is to be for its students.

Sister Beth Haltiner, SSND

Mankato, Minn.

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