May 272009

The Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning preschool class at the Fort Madison center planted a tree on the center’s playground in September. Hy-Vee gave Holy Trinity the tree as part of a community project. Students named the tree Trinity. The ecology class at Holy Trinity Catholic Junior/Senior High School in Fort Madison and Tom Buckley, Lee County conservation director, helped preschoolers plant the tree.

The Fort Madison center has 4-year-old and 3-year-old preschool classes on alternate days in the mornings and afternoons. Teacher Kathy McKillip uses the Creative Curriculum framework to plan activities. 

The preschool program has provided hundreds of children with an excellent educational start since 1980, and continues to be one of the premier preschools in the area. The preschoolers develop basic skills as they interact through cooperative play in child-centered small groups and teacher-directed large groups.

Last fall, the students used ramps to compare angles and speed, and have extended the ramp lesson to other learning centers throughout the year. This spring, the preschoolers are observing the life cycles of frogs and butterflies and experimenting with soap bubble tension. 

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