Jun 032009

From reading the article on immigration in the May 14 Catholic Messenger, my impression is that those who insist on enforcement of immigration laws are at fault for the plight of illegal immigrants residing in the United States.

As I comprehend the immigration problem, it comes from the lack of federal, state and local governments’ enforcement of the laws. If laws (border and employment) were enforced, we would not have tragedies like Postville where greed raised its ugly head.

The church teaches that a nation has the right to protect and secure its borders.  Therefore, it is incumbent that other countries’ and U.S. church leaders discourage illegal immigration, rather than demonizing those who believe in enforcement of the law and do not support sanctuary cities, etc.

Like many Americans I welcome legal immigrants and hope and pray that they become respected, productive and viable citizens of our communities.

John Freeland

Mount Pleasant

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