Excerpt of “I am from”

By Isaac Kakert

I am from…  Jody and Patrick who I believe will be together


   Donna and Vernon who always have with them the best

            lemon drops I have ever tasted.

  Joann and David whose Christmas parties are always


     All Saints and Sacred Heart, where I made three of the best

             friends I ever had: William, Ryan, and Tim.

I am from… Papa Louie who was always nice to everyone at

             Sacred Heart.

     My Aunt Noreen (who isn’t really my aunt) but we visit her              

             on her farm all the time.

I am from… Tyler and Michael, my cousins who were always the

              most fun.

      Sam always understands things that need to be known and    

              he is the most down to Earth person I know.

     Brandon, a kind, funny, and knowledgeable person.

I am from… the big hill down my alley, it is great for riding bikes.

     My big oak tree, it’s so big and old that I can’t reach the  

             branches, so instead I grab on to the big bark and use

              them as handholds.

      My backyard that has a basketball hoop on the garage.

I am from… “If I would have talked to my dad that way, he would

               have back-handed me right then and there.”

      “Un momento, por favor.”

      “Have you ever heard of that old Brooklyn saying, ‘shut up


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