Variety of opinions is appreciated

When I read Father Richard McBrien’s column concerning eucharistic adoration, I knew there would be a large response. One of the beauties of having a range of opinions available is a chance to think about our own views and to express them.

I appreciate that the opinion page of The Catholic Messenger has a variety of opinions. As a Catholic, I want to think about the issues, and these opinions help me to define my own views. I would be VERY disappointed if Fr. McBrien’s column was dropped due to his varied opinions.

If we as a people can’t even stand to read an opinion different than our own, we must not be very secure in our own opinions. I myself respect the devotions such as eucharistic adoration. I also respect the right of others to have a different view. I have been interested in the personal professions of faith that respondents have shared. As a cradle Catholic brought up by Irish-Catholics, I treasure my right to think for myself with guidance from my church.

Marcia Jensen


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