Mar 162010

First-place winners in the Pro-life Poster Contest sponsored by DeWitt Right to Life Christians are from left: Katie Roling, Sarah Schoel, Savannah Necker and Marissa Braddock.

DeWITT — DeWitt Right to Life Christians sponsored a Pro-life Poster Contest for all students in grades five through eight throughout the area to inspire them to be active in pro-life efforts and to give them a better understanding of life issues.

Contest entries were solicited near the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision (Jan. 22, 1973) that legalized abortion. Students from St. Joseph Parish and St. Joseph Catholic School in DeWitt and from elsewhere participated in the contest, contributing a total of 71 entries.

First-place winners in each age category received a $50 savings bond. They are:  St. Joseph students Sara Schoel, eighth grade; Savannah Necker, seventh grade; Marissa Braddock, sixth grade; and Katie Roling, fifth grade. Honorable mentions were awarded to St. Joseph students Bridget Fausnaught and Stephanie Schrader, eighth grade;  Kate Tarchinski and Nicholas Riedesel, seventh grade; Emily Ostert and Elliot Arensdorf, sixth grade; and  Eckstrand Elementary fifth-grader Brenna Doldorf  and Parkview Elementary fifth-grader Allison Triplett.

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