Mar 312010

In no way am I claiming that a few groups have a corner on hate. It lingers in each of our souls, individually and communally.

Every group, every person has an immediate obligation to stand up to those who act hatefully, whether now or in the future. Web news sites are running the audio of some of the threats received by Rep. Bart Stupak and others. Truly chilling. And more hate is growing.

As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts. Let’s all calm down, folks, and get our facts straight.

One practical thing we can do is respond to any hate and prejudice we hear, or receive on e-mail, etc. We can say, no, don’t talk like that around me. It’s a beginning.

It is my opinion, based on observation, that much of this hate started because of the color of our president’s skin and then it continues to fester.

At a local meeting this week, we discussed how the growing incivility, if not out-right hatred, is trickling down from the federal level to the state and local.

As we head into Holy Week for Christians, this would be a perfect time to pray hard about how we can further the coming of the kingdom, that Peaceable Kingdom, of the Prince of Peace.

Martha Popson


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