Mar 162010

Students make dough.

Bishop Hayes’ preschool program continues to grow each year.

This year, an additional 3-year-old class was added. There are three classes of 3-year-olds, two classes of 4-year-olds, and an all-day prekindergarten program. Bishop Hayes’ preschool is part of the Muscatine Preschool Alliance that was formed when Muscatine Community School District received the Statewide Four-Year-Old Voluntary Preschool Grant. The alliance provides professional staff development for Bishop Hayes’ preschool teachers and their associates, as well as monthly information and sharing meetings. This year’s staff development is “Every Child Reads” through the Area Education Agency.

Bishop Hayes’ program is center-based, with an emphasis on “learning by doing” and initiates decision-making skills by having students choose activities to do each day.

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