Apr 072010

In response to Frank Wessling’s questions, “Where are the women?” and “How do we raise up a feminine voice, a feminine presence…” in your March 18 publication:

 The voices and presence are there and have been for decades since Vatican II in the presence and voices of our religious Sisters and communities and lay women who have been working in the trenches to live the Gospel. They’ve simply been ignored or dismissed by the patriarchal hierarchy of the church which now apparently would like to silence them via the apostolic visitation and drag us all back to Trent. 

The more pertinent question would be, “When will the hierarchy of the church move forward and affirm the gifts of women and welcome them to their rightful place in FULL participation as members and leaders of the people of God?  I grieve, not any time soon.

JoAnn Snodgrass, Morrison, Ill.

Pastoral minister at the Alverno Health Care Facility, Clinton

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