Apr 212010

In recent years, Assumption has made a big push to remodel, update and overhaul various areas of the school. The biggest facility project in the past year has been renovation of the auxiliary gym. Added after a fund drive during the mid 1970s, the auxiliary gym continues to be a vital part of AHS’ indoor athletic facilities — and is one that really needed a facelift.

The gym recently received a new roof, new side walls on the upper interior, new doors, new lights, fresh paint, new bleachers and a new resilient, poured floor. The locker room adjoining the auxiliary gym was also part of the renovation project. That space received refurbished lockers, individual shower partitions, new benches and other amenities.  The locker room, which will be used by AHS dance and cheer squads, has shelving that will display a large number of competition trophies.  

Many groups came together to help fund this project including the Class of 2009, who generously donated its spaghetti supper profits.

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