Apr 282010


For a Lenten service project, sixth-graders helped serve meals at Café on Vine, a free meal site in Davenport. Students held monthly bake sales to raise money for groceries and supplies. Twelve students went each day on four different days to help prepare and serve lunch. They also toured the neighborhood and learned how the café operates.

Tara McCabe’s sixth-grade students wrote reflections about their experiences. Below are some of their comments.

“It was sad to see how many people have lost their jobs and houses.”

“I learned that some people don’t have as much as us and that their lives are very hard.”

“I’ve learned to treasure what you have because we take a lot of things for granted.”

“Café on Vine taught me that all people are equal.”

“I learned that some people can’t just go in the fridge when they are hungry; they have to wait.”

“Because of this trip, I learned that love is everywhere.”

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