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During Easter break this year, AHS science teacher Wendy Martin and parent chaperone Jan Ebert led 10 Assumption students through a week-long field trip program in Florida.

The program, called “Dive In: Life in the Field,” was sponsored by World Strides, an educational student travel company. The program was designed to teach the students about the ecology of Florida’s barrier reefs and wetlands. The diverse range of ecosystems on Florida’s Gulf Coast provided a perfect environment for students to study biology, chemistry and physics. Students assumed the lives of field scientists as they swam with dolphins, snorkeled with manatees, kayaked through mangroves, hiked through the Everglades, and snorkeled in the Florida Keys.

For many this was the trip of a lifetime — experiencing wildlife up close and in natural settings. On the trip were sophomores Hannah Zinger, Nicole McIntosh, Jacob Neff, Ellie Simpson, Libby Rolf and Remi Ricciuti, along with juniors Jordan Ricciuti and Chelsea Ebert and seniors Liz Hines and Marinda Gacke.

The group departed March 29 and returned April 3.

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