Apr 142010

Dear Bishop Amos:

Thank you for your diocesan check for $71,288.29 which has been deposited in the Retirement Fund for Religious account. This brings your total diocesan contributions for all of the years of the collection to $2,133,262.08. The money has been recorded as part of the Appeal XXII for 2009.

Your generosity surely helps religious address the many challenges religious face as they age. Religious today, as always, continue to make any impact on our society. Even as the age, their commitment to the ministry of their community, their prayer and spiritual life are vibrant testimony to the faithfulness they promised so many years ago. Your commitment to them is a heartfelt testimony to their faithfulness. Each religious, young and old, is grateful for your support!

Your support and the support of your Retirement Fund for Religious coordinator, pastors, parish priests and deacons are essential to the fund’s continued success. We are most grateful for all you do! You can rely on the prayers of the over 35,000 religious now over age 70 and the ever increasing numbers of religious who will be retiring very soon. May God bless you as only he can!

Sister Janice Bader, CPPS

executive director, National Religious Retirement Office

Washington, D.C.

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