Pro-lifers too narrow in focus

Last week (May 20), two writers submitted opinions critical of Frank Wessling’s May 6 editorial entitled “Anti-abortion but not always pro-life.” 

It seems to me that these two individuals, and most others who submit opinions on this subject, are too narrow in their focus. The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin held what he called a “seamless garment” approach to life issues. To be pro-life in his view included support of all things which promoted life. Such an approach does not support war, the death penalty, drunk driving, or the use of violence/neglect in personal relationships, just to name a few.

I invite those pro-lifers who seem to equate pro-life only with anti-abortion to accept the seamless garment approach. As a practical matter, I believe it would give the anti-abortion arguments more credibility.

Joe Gross

St. Ann Parish, Long Grove

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