Sep 292010

Thank you, Frank Wessling, for your comments concerning President Obama. You reminded me that Jesus asks us to love those we disagree with not just in our words but in deeds.

Behaving this way did not make our Lord popular with those in power, and behaving this way has not made our current president popular with either political party. Being the president of our wonderful country has never been an easy job; some would argue it is the most difficult job in America. We must appreciate those who are willing to serve in this position and respect the office whether we support that person’s policies or not. 

If we continue to viciously attack those willing to step up, soon those best suited to serve will be unwilling to do so. You can disagree in a civil manner, dialogue, and come to some sort of understanding if you model your behavior after Jesus. Thank you for reminding us that this is what Christians do.

Kelly Henry


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