Volunteering at Project Renewal is ‘fun experience’

Mike Rockstroh, left, listens to a student read at Project Renewal in Davenport.

Students in sixth grade have begun volunteering after school at Project Renewal.

Project Renewal is a program that has been serving children and families in inner-city Davenport for over 30 years. Project Renewal provides a safe, welcoming place for children after school and offers an all-day program in the summer. Children who go to Project Renewal affectionately call it “The Treat House.” The sixth-graders from All Saints Catholic School have helped children with their homework, played board games, enjoyed video and computer games and played outside.

Cresa Wilson, All Saints sixth-grader, said, “I think Project Renewal is a fun place where children can get help on their homework. It’s fun for me because I know that I’m helping the community and making it a better place. I also love playing with the children.”

Jonathan Underwood, sixth-grader, shared his thoughts: “I like volunteering at Project Renewal because it is a good, fun experience that can give you good feelings because you help other kids your age and younger.”

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