Nov 102010

Amid complaints from the Coalition of Pro-life Organizations (COPO), the Iowa Board of Medicine is considering whether to allow Planned Parenthood to continue practicing “telemed abortions.”

Human pesticide RU486 is prescribed via the Internet by video conference with an abortionist. It has all the charm of a video arraignment. The abortionist questioning his patient via a computer monitor violates medical protocol and skirts legal formalities.

COPO is concerned about the safety of women seeking abortion.

It will be months before the Iowa Medical Board issues its ruling. Experience tells me Planned Parenthood will get the “green light” from the Iowa Medical Board. A dramatic legislative battle will ensue to make this practice illegal.   

Supporters on both sides, like spectators at a ball game, will be throwing money at their favorite team. In the end everyone wins except the babies. 

Dan Holman


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