Nov 242010

A turkey roams around the Behnke Poultry farm near Long Grove.

Religious education students at Ss. Joseph and Cabrini Parish in Richland shared what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

• Connor Reed, 10, of Richland: “I am thankful for my mom, my dad, and my family and also what I get to do in the USA that kids don’t get to do in other countries.”

• Lilly Clark, 6, of Wayland: “I am thankful for my cat and for uncle Joe who is in the service overseas.”

• Carson Wells, 8, of Richland: “I am thankful God gave us trees.”

• Elan Ledger, 9, of Brighton: “I am thankful for my life.”

• Aubrey Lamb, 8, of Ollie: “I am thankful for my cousins.”

• Katie Jones, 10, of Richland: “I am thankful for my sister.”

• Helen Drish, 7, of Pleasant Plain: “I am thankful for God.”

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