Through Teach-and-Tell, first-graders learn new skills

During his Teach-and-Tell presentation, Asa Canny shows

fellow first-graders how to make a

picture frame.

First-grader Asa Canny took over for teacher Madelon Rounds on a recent day at Seton Catholic School. First grade has just begun Teach-and-Tell, a more interesting and fun version of Show-and-Tell.  Asa taught the class a simple craft.  He showed step-by-step how to make a foam picture frame.  Asa brought enough supplies for all and gave clear and concise directions to make the frame. 

Each first-grader will complete a presentation throughout the rest of the year. It could be a craft, a science experiment or any type of lesson. A Teach-and-Tell lasts about 10 minutes. The main criterion is that the students learn how to do something! 

Children are looking forward to learning a variety of skills this year. The students might learn how to make a peanut butter sandwich, how to throw a football, or how to read and write in another language. The students will enjoy sharing and learning with these presentations. 

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