Feb 232011

At JFK, which has a four-to-one student to computer ratio, sixth-graders Sarah Meier, Luke Castro, Jasmine Binion and Jared Grubbs work with the laptops and netbooks on the school’s wireless network.

Thanks to a grant from the Scott County Regional Authority, fifth- to eighth-grade classrooms at JFK received interactive whiteboards (IWBs), LCD projectors, and associated technology.

Multiple students can write on the IWBs at the same time, and the teachers can control them from anywhere in the classroom with portable tablets.

Qwizdom student response systems were also included in the grant. Using this technology, all students remain engaged in answering questions throughout a class period, and teachers can adjust instruction according to students’ responses. “Who knew learning could be so fun?” exclaimed seventh-graders Carmen Bauer and Stefani Metzger.

This new technology is a nice addition to the four-to-one student to computer ratio at JFK and to the wireless network throughout the entire building.  

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