Apr 202011

Ducklings feed under their mother’s eye outside Assumption High School.

Each spring for the last seven years, Assumption’s front courtyard has served as a temporary home for a family of ducks. This year, the school is lucky enough to have two families!

Once the female mallard arrives, the students watch and wait for the ducklings to hatch. After the ducklings arrive, the windows around the courtyard are crowded with students during passing time in between classes.

The students love to watch the ducklings follow Mom around, eat lunch, or swim in the pool that is set up for them. The Villa Maria Child Care kids also come over to visit and watch the ducklings, and you can hear their excitement in the hallways. Wendy Martin, head of Assumption’s Science Department, said, “It is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to be able to observe nature up close and personal.”

Once the ducklings mature, Assumption’s Science Club gathers the family together and takes it to Vander Veer Botanical Park, where the ducks will stay, at least until next spring.

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