Former church deserves better fate

The article on the demise of the historic St. Alphonsus Church in Mount Pleasant (4/7/11) needs edification. 

A return of 200 surveys from over 600 parishioners is inadequate for proper assessment. When funds are needed, there are follow-up letters, calls, etc., as was done when the new church was built.

No attempts were made to investigate whether grants or other sources of funding could be found to preserve the building.  It was stated that it was built to be a church and could not have other uses.  (But it was de-sanctified.) The people and the city of Mount Pleasant have converted the old high school into a library, civic center, offices and other uses.

It is sad that this beautiful, historic church will no longer be a part of the skyline of Mount Pleasant, the Heritage City of Iowa. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, when it comes to our historic past, too many know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

John Freeland

Mount Pleasant

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