Jun 222011

St. Joseph Church in West Liberty recently received new pews, carpet, paint and lighting, among other updates.

WEST LIBERTY — St. Joseph Church’s interior has received a facelift.

New carpet, paint, pews and lighting were among updates added this spring to the building, which underwent final touch-ups earlier this month. Also, the stone baptismal font was moved to the church’s front entrance, and dividers in the basin were removed. To allow easier access to the sanctuary, a ramp and rail were added.  

The new carpet and paint, in earth tones, replaced blue paint and frayed carpet that were more than 20 years old, said Lori Leggins, who oversaw the maintenance project and is St. Joseph’s co-director of religious education. Sauder Manufacturing Co. in Ohio custom-made solid-oak pews to replace the church’s original pews, which were more than 60 years old.  

The church’s updated interior is “very conducive to prayer and worship,” Leggins said. “It’s beautiful.”

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