Sep 282011


By Theresa Twaddle

I am so grateful to the entire Holy Trinity Catholic family for the warm welcome I have received since beginning my new role as elementary principal. As we are completing our first month of the new school year, things are in full swing while students establish their routines and get to know their new teachers and friends.

One of the main areas I plan to focus on this year is reinforcing the importance of exceptional character traits. As we know, one important aspect of a quality Catholic education is the implementation of more rigor, as well as learning opportunities that will enhance the students’ individual experiences.

This is supported through modeling and approachable staff. At our morning assembly, our students at HTC Elementary begin with a morning chant where I ask, “Who are we?” They reply with great enthusiasm: “HTC!” When I say, “What are we?” they reply, “The best we can be!” The excitement in their voices shows the pride they feel in themselves and their school.

 As I work with chief administrator Dr. Richard Facciolo and the rest of the Holy Trinity Catholic team, I hope to continue the enhancement of learning and achievement by supporting instruction for our already dynamic teaching staff. Running an effective, operational school is only a small part of the future vision for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools.

I am pleased to see many fine qualities in this educational system that will produce the best overall experiences for our students and their families. I am very excited to be an integral part of this team and look forward to a very successful school year.

(Theresa Twaddle is principal of Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School in West Point.)

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