Sep 282011

I was so heartened to see these words in the Sept. 15 issue:

“Let’s put aside our identities as Republican or Democrat or Tea Party or pro-lifer or social justice person and simply put on our identity as a member of the body of Christ. We are all in this together…”

Beyond the words, it is even more heartening that a full day’s Institute for Social Action is happening in the Davenport Diocese (St. Patrick’s, Iowa City, Oct. 8) — with the stated goal of reconciling differences and coming together to act and live as a whole body of Christ.

I am not so naive as to believe that wishing it, or saying it, or even spending a day talking about it will make healing a concrete reality. Still, these are all steps in the right direction — toward an undivided Church. Thanks for all in the diocese and the larger Church who are working hard for such reconciliation.

Ric Smith


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