Sep 282011

Father Joseph Othieno speaks to fourth-graders Aug. 31. Also listening is Father Dennis Hoffman, pastor of St. Mary Parish in West Point and St. Boniface Parish in Farmington.

By Barb See

A visiting missionary from Uganda, Father Joseph Othieno, recently visited the classrooms at Holy Trinity after celebrating Mass at the school Aug. 31.

The students were surprised to learn that in his country, children walk to school, usually wearing no shoes. The Ugandan students have no electricity, desks, textbooks or pencils in their classrooms. Answers to a teacher’s questions are written in the dirt floor. Like Holy Trinity students, they spend about seven hours a day in school. However, no food is eaten during the school day!

Fr. Othieno also told Holy Trinity students he is in charge of 27 parishes. Many Catholics can attend Mass only on weekdays when he is in their village, since he travels by foot and cannot walk to each parish in one weekend.

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