Oct 122011

CORALVILLE – “Life is a Kaleidoscope: Change Your Pattern, Change Your Life” will be presented Oct. 23 at 1 p.m. at St. Thomas More Church. The event will be an interactive presentation on the language of accountability, living accountably by choice and the power of choice. 

The program is designed to assist others in building stronger communication skills and relationships by understanding the power of language and actions.

Presenters are Kathleen Kauble from St. Thomas More Parish in Coralville, Jo Ellen Claeys from St. Joseph Parish in DeWitt and Margee Jaeger from Indianapolis. Certified transformational coaches, the women said the program evolved from each of their journeys raising children. The presenters’ mission is to bring hope to families who may be dealing with a struggling child and to empower individuals.

For more information, contact Kauble at (319) 330-5971 or Claeys at (563) 357-1260.

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