Student Council raises funds

By Charley Ohnemus

This year is my first year with Student Council and it has already been a great experience. I have really great leadership at St. Joe’s. My eighth-grade officers and representatives are Emily Ostert, Jessica Machovec, Katie Roling, Mathew Townsley, Darcy Bertolino and Colin McNamara.

Our current fundraising goals are to get a sign for the front of the school and church and to order a new mascot costume. We are raising money by offering a daily “snack cart” during homeroom, which has been a huge hit with the kids. We are also planning larger fundraising events.

During the year, Student Council holds many celebrations and themed days. So far this year we have planned homecoming and Red Ribbon Week. We will also be doing something for Catholic Schools Week, and hopefully something for the end of the year.

For homecoming, we sold face paintings and had themed days all week. For Red Ribbon Week, we also have themed days with meanings behind them, such as “Superhero Day:” join the fight against drugs. We hope to get as much participation from our students as possible. We are giving a prize of red cupcakes to the class with the highest percentage of participants!

(Ohnemus is an art teacher and Student Council moderator at St. Joseph Catholic School.)

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