Nov 172011

With so many unemployed, with poverty in astronomical numbers compared with previous years and homelessness rampant; after multiple attacks on the right of workers to organize, the Iowa Catholic Con­ference’s (ICC) statement, “Labor and the Common Good” is most welcome. (Iowa’s bishops serve on the ICC Board of Directors.)

I hope it will start people at all levels of society to start thinking about the common good. It is a religious necessity as much as it is an economic necessity.

Had the Social Teachings of the Church been known and followed, I doubt that our country would be in the mess it is today. For too long people have enriched themselves from their position of power rather than seeking what is fair and best for all. The even-balanced statement recognizes that both unions and management can be self-serving, selfish, without regard for the well being of others. On the other hand, mutual cooperation and consensus building can benefit all involved.

Your reminder and encouragement is much needed and very welcome.

Deacon Art Donart

Thomson, Ill.

Union activist from 1958-1991

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