Nov 102011

CLINTON – Sustainability has reached the closet! Worldwide, people are getting serious about reusing, refurbishing and refashioning clothes.

Now in its second year, Sustainable Clinton will turn its attention to how clothes impact the environment. A “gently used” fashion show will highlight November’s issue of the forum.

The free, public program will be presented on Sunday, Nov. 13, from 2-3 p.m. at The Canticle, 841 13th Ave. N., Clinton.

“Much of the clothing we purchase carries hidden environmental and social costs,” said Laura Anderson, coordinator of the Clinton Franciscan Center for Active Nonviolence and Peacemaking. “For instance, growing non-organic cotton uses copious amounts of pesticides, herbicides and water.  Another issue is that clothing sold in the United States is often produced in the developing world, in factories with poor wages and working conditions.”

Sunday’s program will help participants learn ways to extend the life of the clothing they purchase while reducing its environmental impact.  Presenters will explore buying local and saving transportation costs, how to choose items that will survive years of wear,  buying pre-owned clothing, and “up-cycling” – making something “new” out of older garments.

For details call Sisters of St. Francis, (563) 242-7611, or visit

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