Apr 192012

Katie Eastin’s biology classes cleaned up the pond behind Notre Dame Schools. Students use the pond to study plants and animals.

While many Notre Dame students were touring Italy in mid-March, many students were back at school working hard.
Katie Eastin, science instructor, used the time to work outside. Her biology classes cleaned up the pond behind the school. They pulled weeds and planted new roses, along with new flower bulbs.  This “ecology” pond is a useful tool for Eastin as her classes study plants and animals.
The students also have plans for a garden. “They have interest in something organic and would like to use it next fall,” Eastin stated. They will take ownership by planting, watering, weeding and maintaining it. There are even some plans for some Girl Scouts to construct a fence around the garden as part of a project.
Taking care of the environment is an ongoing concern in all of Eastin’s science classes.

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