Jun 072012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Bishop Amos

The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) helps to spread the Good News throughout the Church and beyond. The CCC provides funding for Catholic content on the Internet, radio and television and in print to bring the Gospel message to life. Half of your donations to the CCC collection stay in our diocese to support our local communication efforts including the diocesan website ( and the expanding role of social networking including Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.
In today’s world, it is essential for the Catholic voice to be heard. For the faithful or those searching for faith, the CCC provides rich content bringing the Gospel message in a variety of ways.
In his message for the 2011 World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI said, “When people exchange information, they are already sharing themselves, their views of the world, their hopes, their ideals.”
For more information on the CCC and the projects funded by the collection, visit I thank you in advance for your generous contribution to the Catholic Communication Campaign on June 9-10.
Sincerely in Christ,
Most Rev. Martin Amos
Bishop of Davenport

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