Jul 262012

To the Editor:
In the last five years in the Lincoln (Neb.) Diocese, 19 young men were ordained priests and currently 46 young men are in seminary studies. There are 114 diocesan priests in active ministry, 71 of whom were ordained after 1967. There have been no defectors from the priesthood since 1976.
Three diocesan communities of women religious serve in the Diocese of Lincoln. In 1993, six young women made first profession of vows, and three made final profession. These Sisters wear a traditional religious habit and are primarily involved in the teaching apostolate. They enjoy growth every year.
The Diocese of Lincoln boasts a Catholic population of 82,000 and has a ratio of one priest for every 737 Catholics. By contrast, the Davenport Diocese has a Catholic population of 104,000 souls shepherded by 111 priests or a ratio of one priest per 940 worshipers.
Tony Humeston
St. Mary Parish, Albia

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