Dec 202012

By Sister Laura Goedken

Sr. Goedken

A donor advised fund put in the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Davenport is a gift opportunity that allows the donor to make a donation now, and decide at a later date which nonprofit Catholic organization  receives the donation. The donor may advise distribution of both the fund’s income and principal.
A donor can temporarily “park” charitable dollars at the end of a tax year and receive a charitable tax donation in the year the gift is made to the Catholic Foundation donor advised fund. Donor advised funds are flexible and easy to establish, allowing the donor to recommend grant recipients.
As you look over your finances at the end of this tax year, you may find it advisable to make additional charitable gifts. These dollars can be placed in the Catholic Foundation and distributed in the near future.
Generally these funds are dispersed within the fiscal year. Arrangements can be made for funds to be held longer. For more information, call Sister Laura Goedken, O.P., at the Catholic Foundation (563) 888-4252 or email her at
(Sr. Goedken is director of development for the Diocese of Davenport.)

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