Jan 242013

Bob Martin

Around the time Princess Diana died, another well-known person passed away. People around the world knew her as Mother Teresa.  Both women were internationally acclaimed for their works of charity, though on different sides of the socioeconomic spectrum.
“Both made an impact upon my own reflections about my own life and how I might become, in some small way, a humanitarian,” said Bob Martin, a third-grade teacher at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School in Davenport. “I began to wonder what I could do to help others in need. I knew that whatever it would be it wouldn’t begin to compare in scope to what they did, but certainly it would be better than doing nothing.”
As a teacher he realized he wouldn’t have to act by himself, but could enlist the help of the whole school. “It became obvious how ideas and possibilities might be realized. Thus, the Mother Teresa Christmas was born.”

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