Feb 072013

To the Editor:
Lots of good stuff in the Messenger Jan. 31. It was thrilling to read of the civil rights walk in Davenport remembering those active years ago. I’m 83, and reading the names of Charles Toney, Bill Cribbs, Father Duncan, Father Dawson, Msgr. Mottet and the DeJohns brought back a lot of memories. I was inspired by all of them in those days. I’m glad that what they did is being remembered.
Father Ron Rolheiser’s excellent essay on aging (one of his all-time best) makes it easier for me to put up with my fading vision, hearing loss and various other parts that don’t work as well as they once did.
Frank Wessling’s editorial was good, and I had a good laugh over Father Lou Leonhardt’s letter. I agree 100 percent. Tweet on!
The Messenger this week was invigorating.
Teresa Mottet

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