Feb 142013

By Anne Marie Amacher

Agricultural programs through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) help farmers in the world’s poorest communities improve their harvests. Diocese of Davenport seminarian Ross Epping witnessed works resulting from CRS Rice Bowl funds in Burkina Faso, a small country in West Africa. Fellow seminarian Michael Sweeney helps a resident of Burkina Faso create a pathway for water to reach a segment of onion patches.

A Diocese of Davenport seminarian was able to see how funds from Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl program are being used in Burkina Faso.
Ross Epping, who is studying at University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Ill., visited the West African nation last year. “Each year the pre-theology II students at Mundelein are given the opportunity to go on a mission trip,” Epping said. “You may either choose to travel to Arizona to do mission work at a reservation or you may choose to go with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to Africa.”
Epping said he chose to take a Global Fellows trip through CRS.
He said money donated to CRS Rice Bowl funds many projects throughout the world. “But the overall use of money goes toward helping people sustain themselves.”
CRS projects include an internal banking system for individual tribes, equipment, food supplies and land to implement a sustainable farming community, and corn meal and oil to help feed undernourished villages and tribes.

CRS Rice Bowl : Seminarian Ross Epping Message to Adults   |  Message to Youth

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