Updates on status of education, marriage and pro-life bills

By Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman

DES MOINES — Sen. Jerry Behn, R-Boone, and several others introduced legislation (Senate File 323) that would offer “education savings grants” for children to attend nonpublic schools. The state would deposit about $4,000 in government-authorized savings accounts to cover private school tuition or homeschooling expenses for all parents who are interested.
While the bill was introduced too late to beat the funnel deadline, it is a good conversation starter about the direction we are taking in making sure that every parent has a true opportunity to send their child to the school of their choice. If you are concerned about the proposal’s effect on the local public school, visit the website: www.edchoice.org/School-Choice/School-Choice-FAQs.aspx.
The Iowa Catholic Conference (ICC) supports a new bill introduced in the House by Rep. Tedd Gassman, R-Scarville, to increase the amount of tax credits for donors to current scholarship programs for Catholic and other nonpublic school students. House File 466 would increase the amount of tax credits statewide from $8.75 to $15 million.

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