Apr 182013

By Anne Marie Amacher

Debbie Phelps of St. Peter Parish in Buffalo and St. Alphonsus Parish in Davenport asks a question about education training during the Diocesan Support Day. The event was held April 9 at St. Vincent Center in Davenport and broadcast to parishes and schools via webinar.

This year’s Diocesan Support Day focused on human resources issues related to fair treatment of employees and legal requirements for employers. The presentation was held April 9 at the Diocese of Davenport’s St. Vincent Center and broadcast via webinar. Individuals working in parishes were the target audience.
Requests following last year’s support day and surveys of parishes indicated this was an important topic, said Char Maaske, chief financial officer for the Diocese of Davenport.
“We as employers need to know the regulations regarding how to treat employees. That is why we offered this topic.”

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