Couple’s battle with cancer deepens their faith and love

By Barb Arland-Fye

LaNae and George Ramos of St. Ann Parish in Long Grove are grateful to God and God’s angels for helping them through an ordeal with cancer. The couple strives to help encourage others dealing with challenges.

Remembering the life-changing telephone call from the doctor’s office four years ago brings tears to the eyes of LaNae and George Ramos of St. Ann Parish in Long Grove. They’ve had a strenuous, drawn-out battle with cancer, but appreciate the blessings that come from God each day and strive to reach out to others as an expression of gratitude.
“They are great people, both outstanding in their own way and together,” said Msgr. Drake Shafer, pastor of St. Ann’s. “They participate in lots of the parish’s activities. I think they are people who manifest what happens when you have a strong, active faith community nurturing and encouraging each other.”

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