May 162013

By Christina Capecchi


A woman’s mind is like a teleprompter of to-dos that never stops turning.
Unanswered email, unwritten thank-yous, unfolded laundry. Tupperware that needs to be washed and returned. Overdue RSVPs and expired milk. Empty gas tank, full memory card. Birthdays and deadlines, the personal and the professional knotted together beyond the point of repair.
Which is why Tammy Block needed a plan for the pool. The 39-year-old from Rosemount, Minn., is raising two children and running her own law firm. When she added a weekly swim to her exercise routine, she found herself drowning in her thoughts. “My mind was all over the place,” she told me. “I was getting more stressed out. It wasn’t doing me any good.”

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