May 022013

Peter Lynch, 24, of St. Mary Parish in Iowa City, spoons tuna fish into a mixing bowl during Youth Casserole Making in the parish kitchen on a Thursday night. He and other volunteers prepare casseroles once a month to be served at a free lunch program on Fridays at the Wesley Center in Iowa City.

Name: Peter Lynch
Age: 24
Residence: Iowa City
Family: Parents, Tom and Kathy; one older sister, Lisa; one older brother, Casey
Parish: St. Mary, Iowa City
Graduate of: City High School, Iowa City
Place of employment: Hy-Vee on North Dodge St.
Favorite volunteer activity: Helping out one Thursday each month at St. Mary’s to prepare casseroles to  be served at the free lunch program offered Fridays at the Wesley Center.

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  2 Responses to “Year of Faith profile”

  1. Wow, Peter, I thought you did a great job.
    What a talker. I liked the way you talked with a loud voice.
    I bet everyone could hear what you said.
    I thought you looked very handsome on the video.
    I am glad you go to church.
    It is important.
    I am proud of you, my Prince.
    Love, Judith

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