Nov 142013

To the Editor:
Thank you to Corinne Winter for giving us an excellent overview of the richness of our Catholic belief (Theological Perspective, Oct. 31, The Catholic Messenger). Here she expands on “faith as a rich multi-faceted response to God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.”
The statement superbly defines Eucharistic adoration, where God reveals himself to us in the person of Jesus present in the Eucharist.
Adoration is an ACT of faith and a two-way conversation. Here one can sit with Jesus and ask, “Jesus, who are you, and who am I?” and a gazillion other questions. Expect
an answer.
Those who spend time in Eucharistic adoration know that God’s response to a sincere act of faith is pure joy.
Our faith grows when we exercise it.
Christine Migiel, coordinator, Eucharistic adoration
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Bettendorf

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