Nov 212013

Eighth-graders from All Saints Catholic School in Davenport learned about recycling and energy through two field trips. Annie Argo and Julie Oxendine build a model wind turbine at the ATEEC (Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center ) Lab in Davenport Oct. 29.

DAVENPORT — Field trips to learn about recycling and energy were taken by eighth-graders at All Saints Catholic School on Oct. 29.
Students went to the Scott Area Recycling Center in Davenport to learn about the recycling process of how waste material from their home is hand and mechanically sorted, crushed, baled and marketed. They saw products made from recycled materials and products refashioned for another purpose.
Following the visit to the recycling center they went to the ATEEC (Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center ) Lab in downtown Davenport.  Students did a scavenger hunt to learn about energy and ways to cut down on energy use. They used model wind turbines to create enough power to light an LED light and a buzzer. They also made a quiz board whereby they applied their knowledge of electrical circuits to light up the board when they got the right answer to their questions.

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