Jun 052014

Nancy Thompson, director of programs and diocesan relations for the National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD), has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award for 2014 by the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL).


Thompson has worked in catechetical ministry for 35 years and has developed catechetical materials that serve the needs of children and adults with disabilities. She joined the NCPD in 2007 and is described as displaying “energetic leadership” and “deep faith.”

Thompson, who splits her time between Iowa City and Washington, D.C., excels at providing consultation and guidance to diocesan and parish staff, the NCCL said. Thompson’s commitment to providing and improving ministry for individuals with disabilities has helped to make the Gospel more accessible.

While working to further the NCPD’s mission of inclusion of and meaningful participation by individuals with disabilities, Thompson has also guided volunteer professionals and family members as a leader of the NCPD’s Autism Task Force (ATF). New catechetical and sacramental preparation resources to educate students on the autism spectrum and/or with intellectual and developmental disability will soon be available on the NCPD website,

The NCCL award, presented last month, recognizes Thompson’s service, faith and important work to better the Church’s ability to address the needs of children and adults with disabilities.

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